SEURAT is a software tool which provides interactive visualization capability for the integrated analysis of high-dimensional gene expression data. Gene expression data can be analyzed together with associated clinical data, array CGH (comparative genomic hybridization), SNP array (single nucleotide polymorphism) data and available gene annotations in an integrated manner. The different data types are organized by a comprehensive data manager. Interactive tools are provided for all graphics: heatmaps, dendrograms, barcharts, histograms, eventcharts and a chromosome browser, which displays genetic variations along the genome. For exploratory data analysis the software provides unsupervised data analytics like clustering, biclustering and seriation algorithms. To perform clustering and seriation algorithms SEURAT establishes a connection to the R statistical software via the Rserve client. Potentially,  this connection allows the software to use all functions implemented in R and Bioconductor. Seurat runs under Windows, MAC OS and Linux.